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network marketing has a long time, the network also saw a lot of network marketing, network marketing is the core point is the network promotion, and network promotion according to my understanding of this piece of many friends are beginners, of course, I also experienced the beginning stage. At the beginning, many friends will search some ways to promote with the platform in the network, but I remember when looking for the platform, most are found in the platform and the way out of date, let novice friends is very troubled, I also experienced this stage, is not to say that these measures are good, some methods can be used, but because the network promotion way to keep pace with the times, so many ways to cause a lot of failure of the platform, not a reason. The following is to bring you to talk about the choice of Internet marketing platform for the promotion and promotion of the application, of course, I believe we can see this article can be flexible application of these content.

one, the choice of extrapolation platform

extrapolation of the choice of platform is nothing more than according to the classification, such as common know sites, such as Baidu know, Search ask, classified information website such as 58 city and Ganji, Blog websites such as Sina blog and NetEase blogs, forums such as A5 and a push. Social networking sites such as renren.com and watercress, information websites such as Douding and road passenger Baba etc.. Many beginners face a variety of extrapolation platform, I do not know how to choose, it is easy to make a mistake is only a platform, or all platforms have to do, in fact, this is wrong. In fact, the choice of the most suitable for their own industry extrapolation platform is the best, I will choose the following several extrapolation platform to explain to you.

first of all, we extrapolate the platform is divided into independent platform and non independent platform, in the independent platform we have a blog and WeChat, which we can easily add soft information, product information, etc.. Then the platform is not subject to certain restrictions on the platform, for example, have to know the class, social class, etc., which may be some release product information will be screened off. So we do the first choice to extrapolate the platform to understand, these platforms will not shield our information, what is the lower limit of the platform, so that it will not do not work hard.

1, select the extrapolated platform to see the industry

and in the choice of extrapolation platform, of course, we can through the search engine, such as Baidu and 360 are the platform for the industry to choose the extrapolation. Played a metaphor may you do very good extrapolation in the electricity industry Blog websites, but in another industry is not practical, is probably the information websites do the industry better than many blog sites. For the industry to choose, we can look at the industry through the search keywords, the search results in the top 5 pages have what website, such as Blog websites. We can choose Blog websites to do extrapolation, if we can choose the classification of information are classified information, but there is a skill in words search, "