first explained that this thing is my chance to find, I think there is a reference value, so take out to share with you.

yesterday evening to test the prompted by a sudden impulse, the words " ladies summer 2010" ranking in Baidu, occasionally found in the first row is actually a Baidu space, a few days before the very different, so I just look into the web page, also not open out a bomb page, at first thought it was a virus, a closer look, this is the author needs a website promotion, but this has not been done, at this time, I found that there are a lot of blank of the web content and title, I usually have a habit when browsing the web, when the content is lower. I will put the mouse on the blank or I think there is no link clicking anywhere, and this blank fits me, I look at the next, but also play out A page, this page is also the author is promoting a website. So far, his form of expression is basically clear.

today, I accidentally search this keyword ladies, this article of this space has also lined up top position, you can go to try, I do no shots, then I found, its views of this article has reached more than and 200, from the published the time point of view, is at noon yesterday about 1 o’clock, in fact, I also took a look at, from noon yesterday to 11.30 in the evening, views of this article is more than and 30, just one night time, rose to more than 8 times, as can be imagined, this approach is quite effective.

next, I also look at this blog creation time, the first to see is February, while it is in the first two days of May published nearly 1000 pieces of log, and the log in Baidu’s view, there may be the original, it is actually all collected. Why this article can be ranked so far, I think the above should be considered for this reason, and the other is the title of the article is to use some of the keywords.

and I found such a blog message, actually reached two pages, from this point of view, visible Q & a website or articles still have a lot of people’s attention, this is probably the main reason is that each of the title of the article is perhaps you and I are on the search keywords.

finally to sum up the implementation difficulty of this method: 1 you have to be able to collect, so that you can easily add a lot of content, some title compound search habits; 2 you must be able to insist for a long time, in fact, most of his views in less than 10; 3 said to you you want to popularize website reasonable embedding these articles to 4; the title of the article, more important is that you need a little luck.

wish our website has a lot of traffic every day