I dark horse: not long ago, the dark horse will move the Internet branch of the organization within the WeChat group differential sharing activities, the micro sharing of the guests is the founder of micro broadcast Xu Yang. Xu Yang for hundreds of companies to do network marketing, many of whom Jingdong, Taobao eleven such a famous case. In the dark horse differential sharing, Xu Yang in addition to sharing his marketing experience, but also from the perspective of the product and we share the need to think about the five issues of entrepreneurship. The following is the content of the micro sharing:


marketing key – marketing before

I do social media marketing, from 2010 onwards the company focused on micro-blog, the main service about 400 group purchase website service, then electricity providers and electricity supplier service platform, including service, pocket shopping, beauty Jingdong, Taobao, vip.com and other 11 double, 14 years of heavy heart transfer to WeChat. Overall, the fire up app and games, we look at the side, you can give a general feeling. Sometimes I would advise some friends don’t push, because it must be bad. My judgment is that I can find the application scenarios and requirements in this app.

may be a lot of people expect me to talk about marketing, in fact, a lot of things before marketing. Determine the key point of an entrepreneurial project can not be done not to do a good job in marketing, whether or not to do a product to be launched. Do marketing, we can ask ourselves, you do the product meets the following conditions. These do not, how much money to promote, are no good.

1: are you sure your product is valuable,


is said to be inside the app store, there are 750 thousand online applications. The statistics down, a normal person’s phone installed only 16 applications. How to apply these 750 thousand applications, allowing customers to see you and install you. In fact, it does not depend on marketing, but depends on whether you seize the rigid needs of a number of segments of customers.

sometimes we see some of the demand may be a pseudo demand. For example: the original one application called "the Tao", Chen Hua, in the mobile phone on the rebate tool. Later, they give up, in fact, they do coupons. This is a pseudo demand. Because those who like to take advantage of small, will not spend a lot of time on the phone to operate, and then meet their 1 Mao Mao 2 small cheap. This demand is a real demand on PC. But it’s not a real need to put it on the phone.

so, if you do not find a market segment, found a rigid market, you do the product is not a valuable product.

two: how the ultimate solution to this demand?

what is the ultimate, is what customers want, you can meet. A lot of people do a product to solve the demand, but we can not remember your characteristics. For example: all the women’s mobile phone market. It is the need to find out, there is no perfect solution