station network ( news October 17th, held yesterday in the "Alipay share day", released a new version of Alipay wallet 7.6. According to reports, the new version will be formally launched online public account services, banking, telecommunications operators and other enterprises to open. Users only need to add to Alipay’s public account, you can directly access the bank balance and change mobile phone packages.

this platform, some similar to WeChat public account, all businesses can stay in this platform. Alipay wallet also hope that through the transaction of the series, to more in-depth user’s life. Through public service platform, Alipay wallet to circle the merchants, inhibit the development of public accounts of WeChat. Now, WeChat 5 version of the folding of WeChat, Alipay is also a good opportunity to assault. Currently, CITIC, Ping An, GF, merchants and other banks, water and coal payment, China Telecom has been finalized in public service platform. The ordinary individual users can add to Alipay wallet home.

Ali small and micro domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said that the next will have more partners settled quickly, the number of users of the public platform will also grow. Alipay wallet this is also considered the obvious move with the WeChat public platform competition. Tencent’s WeChat public platform has provided a similar function. And this, Ali financial executives are not shy of the two. President Fan Zhiming said that these two products belong to a payment, one belongs to the field of instant messaging; WeChat is from the user service of more than 400 million users, the daily increasing user activity, let WeChat in a short period of time has become a huge mobile pay entrance, which makes Alipay to increase therefore the rapid alert, in the new version of the function of the upgrade, the sniper WeChat paid.

however, Fan Zhiming lambasted the circle of friends: "WeChat is a selling fake position." Fan Zhiming said that WeChat is just a tool for information exchange, security can not be guaranteed. From the point of view of safety, Alipay has been done for ten years. In this regard, in the afternoon, Ali Micro Finance Research Institute president Chen Dawei said, WeChat paid security is flawed, because there is no account, the card, once the micro signal stolen money on security. "No diamond, not to live in china." Chen Dawei said.

after version 7, pay is a product of Alipay wallet recommended. In October 16th, in response to the Jiujiang question, Ali small and micro financial services group’s domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said, "we have to pay very high expectations, which is reflected in the real mobile internet."

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