blog, originally a very grassroots culture. It is self entertainment, Caomin electronic version of private diary. But since a pole star joined, everything is different.

To clarify the facts, exposure to life, show

stars news, published in your blog. It is not difficult to imagine such a star blog after the launch of the fire will be particularly special fire, because it meets the majority of people want to pry into the privacy of the stars.

Xu Jinglei’s blog, visited 160 million passengers straight away; Han Han followed, blog traffic approaching 150 million people; in late February of this year to start a blog of Zhao Wei, traffic reached 20 million passengers…… One is the data so many media be struck dumb, shouting "blog has to evolve in order to powerful private media".

who would have thought that these earlier known as everywhere full of business opportunities, everyone’s hot star blog, but recently fell into an embarrassing collective upgrade event.

time to return to the first half of this year. After upgrading from blog system, Sina can not use anonymous messages, and the original IP address and the same anonymous blogger, are shown as a message ID for bloggers. This seemingly innocuous change, but so many star blog into a "crisis".

in mid May this year, users found Jin Sha published in 2005 in the log in a different tone of anonymous messages, they praise themselves severely. Coincidentally, in early June this year, the users found more stars to their own anonymous messages in the blog. Huang Ming, Zhou Jie, Jin Qiaoqiao, Ma Tianyu, Wei Bin, Zheng Fan, and Zhang Tong…… A lot of play about each stroke of the game star have been pulled out to users. These stars, some of their own to the death of praise, and some of their quarrel with their own, their personality split performance is amazing.


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2008-6-18 11:03

Huang Ming’s left and right stroke


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2008-6-18 11:03

Zhou Jie’s left and right stroke


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2008-6-18 11:03