course overview

with the development of the Internet, the site continues to reduce the threshold, all kinds of sites came into being. On the one hand, the rapid growth of Internet users, and promote the development of the network from the beginning of the integrated subdivision. On the other hand, the traditional portal began to expand local channels. At the same time, all kinds of local characteristics of the site continues to rise, some have become the leader in the local website. Such as dragon lane, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other network proud mother network has very good prospects for development. And based on the advantages of local, the development of local web site has gradually become a new trend.


, we should also clearly see that many pioneers died before their dreams, such as: 8848, efeelings, FM365, Yitang and so well-known or not well-known website is still shiguweihan.

we are not lack of enthusiasm, effort, energy. We are in the interaction platform around the users better, in this period, we are constantly receiving outside all kinds of temptations, attracted from BBS, Web2.0, various electricity providers, SNS, electronic magazine, video website, group purchase, mobile Internet, micro-blog, WeChat and other new products and fresh or one after another.

achieves guku million, how much effort, died in this unknown journey, hard every day to stay up late, the hardships of life obtained disappointing results of


can we ever repeat this sad cycle endlessly?

how to find in the confusion of the professional ideas and methods of operation? How to identify their own position? How to understand the value of their own platform? How to make their own stand better?

is currently the only professional in the local portal site research and combat operations guide Ningzhe network, will help you confront and fight, systematic training in 2013 will be the first open personal webmaster, has successfully trained 2 students, third began to accept


enrollment range

      community web site webmaster community site responsible person in charge of community operations in charge of community website editor site webmaster / person in charge of


Zhou Ning Ning philosophy network founder

served as director of the 365 real estate home network product development center, chief architect.

Regional Internet operations consultant, specializes in the local portal of the media, community, e-commerce transformation.

won the Ai Ruixin prize in economics for the 2009 -2010 best expert award. The service of Xiamen fish nets, treasure net, proud life network, West Lake, Guangzhou mother nets, dragon lane, Qilu network

Mao zhe Maoning network co-founder

served as director of the 365 real estate home network channel community