Ministry of industry to improve the accuracy of the rectification of false filing website filing information conference

August 20, 2012, the telecommunication bureau of Ministry of information industry held a "rectification of false record improve website record information accuracy special action teleconference meeting, the deployment of the next phase of the special operations task, put forward the relevant work requirements.

Department of Telecommunications Authority, the national computer network Emergency Response Coordination Center, China Internet association and the three basic telecom business leaders and representatives attended the main venue of the Beijing meeting, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the administration of communication, enterprise branch and related units around the venue to participate in the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that the main goal of this special action is to focus on the rectification of false record, enhance the accuracy of the information site for the record, as the party’s "big eighteen" to the information security of the network, play a fundamental role in the management of the Internet industry and network information management. The meeting clearly the special action for a period of five months, until the end of the year, divided into mobilization, self-examination, supervision and inspection and summarize the four stages to promote and implement, including verification of cleaning false record, clean-up does not record access behavior, two ten task to clean up illegal blacklist website access. Through this special action to carry out, to further standardize the access service market on the one hand, to purify the website for the environment; on the other hand advocate access service enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, operate in accordance with the law, improve the site sponsor awareness of the law, the law office network.

meeting the requirements of the relevant units at the time, heavy task, high standard situation, fully aware of the importance and urgency of this special action, and enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission, according to the plan, a clear number one responsibility, detailed work, responsibility to the people in the Department under the unified guidance, plan and key to promote and implement various tasks, to create a good environment for the Internet network, the party’s "big eighteen" was held successfully.