Abstract: three years ago, the old travels to Vietnam and Japan, trying to find a piece of clothing, to save life on the line where the company; now, after the settlement of the liability, the new age is found where the runway UNIQLO mode. Remain silent feelings and capital, this time, his "paranoid" can lead to success?

"you really don’t understand!"

The old

stood up, his face slightly resentful. He signaled the interruption, ran out of the camera and lit a cigarette.

in a few seconds before, he was still with you about "money" host Maarten debate: the most important factor in determining a person to buy a piece of clothing, what is "intuition", or "quality"? He freely criticize H& M is rubbish "in quality", UNIQLO lost on the quality the beginning of the heart in the rapid expansion, as we once in the expansion of fanaticism under greed. Argument to the white hot, he dropped a "you do not understand," the end of the conversation quickly, out of the lens to relax smoking.

live without interruption. Choi about you is the introduction of a financial Tencent experimental live reality show interview, respondents need to be in front of hundreds of millions of users, no clips, no delay to accept the host of a variety of torture". Aged almost without thinking, just do the show’s first guests.

smoke, he quickly calm the mood, snuffed cigarette butts, returned to his office thousands of books before, to finish the interview. Regression atmosphere harmonious, those aged began to "make fun of business partner Lei Jun’s white shoe", not even afraid to respond to issues related to Jay Chou again.


argument is the norm of vintage 2016. He and Jay Chou fans will argue that Mu Dan is a historic poet, and their idols are mortal; and he had personally issued a media controversy words reflection book, is to let customers quickly turn around, do not want to dwell on the media.

he is a scholar, but also a businessman, he is keen to express their views, more aware of where the customer needs to rise again. Last time, he relied on flirtatious "VANCL style", this time, he unreservedly decided to rely on products, relying on the "quality", "rely on cotton in Akesu", "100" such clothing technical parameters.

nearly fifty years old, in the spirit of the world increasingly close to his favorite writer Wang Shuo, Red Cross, straight, ferocious defiant attitude. Hate and love his people said he was "paranoid", the derogatory and commendatory vocabulary can be deduced two kinds of emotional color in different contexts.

back age and those years where the spiritual world, this is a lover of literature into the Internet economic expansion, vanity fair, how lost and return, on the back of the story.

"greed": wake up from the nightmare of scale

has long faded old, because in a talk show in the Internet comment on Jay Chou in "after death.