at home and abroad website innumerable professional and non professional, enterprise, and individual, and the amount of information is beyond count, including the whole industry, can be said to be. It doesn’t make me think – is it necessary to do this?

a lot of personal webmaster are readily available to the CMS (of course, are very good CMS) to the server, and then there is no day and night to fill in the news or collection, not too many features!

the entire pattern of the Internet is slowly transition to the WEB2.0, we should also be the main idea / mind on the WEB2.0, consider the operation of WEB2.0 model.

personally think that personal Adsense site should act, to create a unique site, no need to pursue the following points:

1/ large amount of information. A limited amount of time and energy;

2/ function and the new version of the CMS. The more powerful the more powerful, the hidden loopholes are also more, personally think that the function can be enough, where the blog system is a good choice;

3/ content acquisition. Appropriate can, after the collection should be edited, not follow or imitate, evaluation of similarity ratio is too high will make the search engine to give you a "low weight";

4/ group address propaganda. Although the period of time can improve the site traffic, but the meaning is not large, can not be left behind, should be usually out of the rate of more than 90%.

We should consider the

website "user is editing", see the last two years of successful cases, such as FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE, website success depends on the net force, rather than the operator. Operators to provide a platform for the user, the user achievement operators.

has a friend to a blog (, the theme is to do the industry information, he told me the site and the development of the way, I think it is very good (also cause me to write this article). Blog is one of the products of WEB2.0. Blog is conducive to promotion, relative to the general CMS, is more conducive to search engine grab page. Sum up the experience of friends as follows:

1/ filter information from the Internet users are not too concerned about the information, usually when visiting large web site, the content may be concerned about only 1% of the amount of information;

2/ determined not to use batch collection methods, site early development would rather to the website to collect personal news value /


3/ using the blog system, the content is very intuitive, whether you are old Internet users or rookie, the same to understand, because the interface is simple and clear classification;

4/ invites Internet users to participate in the construction of the website, to recommend news information;

5/ in addition to submit your site to search engines, but also log on to ODP and YAHOO know the names.