nonsense is not much to say, this article is not for the search engine what, but only to some of your web site to the Internet users in terms of D.

recently and some website cooperation, is your recommended articles to the site, the site through a special audit, through the audit, released on the site of a channel or the home page, in order to bring you good site traffic, but also to the site provides resources.

but the question is, how will they be used? This is a problem, the site has a hierarchy of partners, I only do a month after the upgrade. But a lot of people do nearly half a year, are still the same, the total number of articles I recommend is several times, can be used very little. This is why? Here, look at the title of this article, I believe we must have guessed.

yes, it is recommended when the title is enough to do, of course, to ensure that the quality of the content of the article and must be related to the title of your intended. But this intermediate title, occupy a very important role, start a week, I found the same article I recommend not using a recommendation on the use of others, but also the red title, look carefully, this is our different title of different. How different? Later I realized, which had not previously used to turn the tide, now basically all the times. How did I do it?


for example: an article in the original title is "Cologne one hundred single eight"

I have no experience at the beginning of the week, it is recommended that the original title "Cologne one hundred single eight", not by.

later know the tricks after the recommended title is: "Cologne one hundred single eight (enduring classic), the.

see it, just add four words effect is completely different!

, for example: the original title "Encyclopedia" Chinese surname

for the first time: "Encyclopedia" China as like as two peas, did not use the surname.

second: "Encyclopedia of China surname, you know only the fur!" not only uses and add red displayed in the front page of the website directly! (two days) brought a total of nearly 8000IP traffic.

an example: the original title "mystery" four mysteries under the pen of Liang Yusheng

for the first time: the same is no change in the original title. Still not using

second: "mystery four mysteries under the pen of Liang Yusheng, so far no one can answer!" by direct and add red home show, a total (three days).