recently released a film < twelve zodiac > now, the Lunar New Year stalls also because there are so many blockbuster debut and become more anxious, < twelve zodiac > starring Jackie Chan, do not know how many friends have seen it, in fact, from a movie and we burst fire flow can be obtained from you can understand our website has been done, if you still cling to the home page ranking, so has been slowly behind, because a film is just a flow, when you use a variety of means obtained when all kinds of popular movie traffic, that is really booming, well, the text, write about the story of the twelve Chinese zodiac.

first of all, starting from the movie name

do not know how many friends know < twelve zodiac > other names, in here, yourself on the list, " the 12 zodiac Zodiac / Eagle plan 3 / Jackie Chan " these names are also the name of the movie, if you want to do the flow. Should be to understand things, after all, in the name of, here, we see the "Zodiac" and "Eagle 3" is good, then directly use Baidu Search, as shown in figure


"the legend of the Zodiac" film and television viewing contrast

"Eagle plan 3" TV viewing contrast



from the two picture you can see what, one is for the movie the name of another name and did not understand, we see most of the Baidu video are collected, and then collected over, ultimately rely on search traffic but, if you do not search the advantages, then you can start by other, get some unexpected traffic, do some rankings, it is recommended.

secondly, starting with the actor

< the twelve zodiac > the film who performed it, know that there are Jackie Chan, in addition to him, who else, as shown in figure

a lot of people, indeed, you want to do, should pay attention to the dynamic aspects of an actor, after all, a movie was released in time, everyone will be a fire, this can make a recommendation as a marketing tool, for example, we see in the recent commercials some of the movements, indeed, in many cases, we will ignore some very basic things, such as the actor, if you can be derived from it, the last film about the "Jackie Chan", after all, now Jackie Chan, the action film NG number is certainly more than before, but, as a Chinese stick, or with their own principles to make changes, but also let more people see the wonderful.