"it’s time" with a schedule of

do not know how many people are really aware of the timetable is important. You may read this article in the article, it may be in a number of exchanges to listen to others to say this point of view, you will feel very right, but, look, listen, after a while, do not remember.

however, the position of product manager, need " daily; " leveling; on all staff’s opinions and suggestions, product demand, need coordination of resources and so on, but also to study what the user good, what the product is good.

The nature of the

position determines that you can not only do one thing, in your side, all kinds of "dirty", waiting for you to go".

you may feel like you’re busy every day, but after a week or January, you may not be able to answer what you’ve done.

this time, let me realize the importance of the timetable, there are two moments:

1, last week, is the 1 version of the line before the end of the week, we also design Logo, download the landing page and App welcome page and page spread.

these things are not in fact just think of to do, but in the early morning in the plan, but, did not put it strictly on the timetable. At the same time, there is no good estimate of the difficulty and the design time and some other variables, which will be described in the next section.

2, once again to do version 1, the whole look, do something more structured than before, the mentality of some calm than before, and not like a year ago, all day long. But today, when I look back on this whole month, I find that I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

so, it’s time to make a good schedule to "regulate" yourself properly ~

What is the


to use, but also know how to use, what.

Before I talk about the

manager’s schedule, I would like to describe an example of a similar level of relationship to the general feeling of the first, which is now very popular OKR system:

what is the company’s annual goal?

subdivision of Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 quarterly goals are what?

what are the quarterly goals of each department around the company’s quarterly goals,


around the part of the quarterly target, what is everyone’s quarterly target?

what are you going to do about your quarterly goals,


(just about borrowing levels, other system details do not do specific expansion)

In fact, the

level general manager will use a schedule, from large to small, almost the same sauce shener: