dear entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs:

I was in Pujiang for the general marketing, you query website SEO information query and in each site busy? Have you ever to record information and content of those valuable in surfing the Internet and make their favorites messy even as I used a kind of method for the oldest do notes are you? In order to query a English meaning or Chinese translation and use the translation software? In a word, the method is not only inefficient, they will get very tired, and now I want to share with you some of these daily recommended that let you work more effectively and easy tool.

in fact, these tools, not only bloggers can use, any network marketing people can try to use the tool, and the purpose is only to save time cost. OK?

1 SEO Chrome (Google browser SEO plug-in)


SEO For Chrome can help you easily view your web site, personal blog about SEO (search engine optimization) all the information, all you have to do is the only action action is to enter your web site, then the site of the SEO information on the list list, whether it is included in the major search engines the number of (Ask, Microsoft, Baidu, Google, Bing, YAHOO, etc.), the reverse link weight website PR value size, flow level, social network performance (does not support Chinese social networking sites) or domain name details. In fact, you don’t even have to enter your web site, as long as you open the site, and then click the application button, it is really very simple, no longer have to what Webmaster Tools query site toss, a key in place. The following screenshot is the result of the test of PI marketing website:


in addition to view their website’s SEO information, one of the biggest uses of this artifact is the SEO status of the detective competitor website – competitive analysis. One of the drawbacks is that this is an English application.

2 Evernote clipper (image notes – cut hide)


has such an article or news that you want to see after the release to their website idea? In fact, you may see in the browser and forget it no easier than this. I usually do something like that, I forget it, and I can’t find it anymore.

I always have that idea, often do that kind of thing, and then I will take notes, perhaps you just think about it, it is too tired to take notes. Ha ha, until one day to see a web site to introduce this artifact, as long as you can repeat after the click, do not know how many times more comfortable than the