2008 Asian Youth Animation Competition and China (Guiyang) held on Cartoon Art Festival in Guizhou before the city of Guiyang Province, experts gathered around the creative, investment, market development and other topics, hot discussion China animation industry.

Du Hao, general manager of Guizhou youth film and television culture center in the 2008 Asian Youth Animation Competition Economic Forum and investment and financing forum that the Chinese animation industry

The development of

needs professional investors.

according to Du Hao, in recent years, China’s animation industry has developed rapidly, the emergence of a number of professional animation companies, domestic enterprises are facing fierce competition. "But at the same time we can see that many companies will soon disappear because of their lack of market orientation."

Du Hao also pointed out that the current domestic animation investors are many amateur. "They do not understand the operation of the industry, always ask for as soon as possible, some funds invested in the half when the results did not immediately see the divestment."

Du Hao said that this year with the launch of their Danish original animation "forest hero" only 3 animal images on the design of the 10 months, foreign demand for the quality and the higher level of creativity, rather than simply rush schedule. In fact, plenty of time is very important to us".

in the animation industry, Du Hao believes that through cooperation with foreign projects, the most cutting-edge part of the animation should be found in the early production. In the latter part of the country have done well, but the company did well in the early days, because too few creative talent."

Du Hao says that this phenomenon has some historical reasons, "in the past 10 years to 15 years, the domestic animation is mainly for foreign companies to do outsourcing are generally doing medium, so we do the consciousness and experience are not enough".

Du Hao said: "do not understand the rules of operation of the animation industry, one of the reasons but also lead to domestic animation investors eager." In addition, there are some problems in the domestic animation industry in the market segment, the market mechanism is not perfect.

Asian Youth Animation Competition Organizing Committee Secretary General Wang Liuyi said that the Chinese animation industry is facing a "inflection point", the government should improve the industry chain to provide a relaxed environment, to prevent China animation base into a "shell".

he pointed out that the development of Chinese animation industry the most problems to be solved is how to make the animation industry to produce economic and social benefits in the dominance of the market rules, in which the government should build more roads, less driving".

Wang 61 believes that the animation industry is not a simple circle block, repair a few buildings will be able to develop and grow up, it is very important to improve the industrial chain. Commercial animation real income from the book publishing, audio and video products and other derivatives, TV broadcast revenue accounted for only twenty or thirty.

Wang 61 also said that animation as a spiritual product, in addition to the technical requirements