first_imgThey lost to a strong team,  Northern Ireland,  47-35 in Singapore late yesterday.Kicking the match off to a great start, Pepes demonstrated a mix of swift passes and astounding team play in split seconds, propelling their score to a huge lead of 11-4 by the end of the first quarter.Solid team play between Northern Ireland’s goal shooter Jenna Bowman and goal attack Sarah Montgomery helped escalate their count to 19-9 by the end of the second quarter.The third quarter saw both Northern Ireland and Papua New Guinea engaged in a heated and jittery affair as both teams roughed it out on the court to boost their nearly even scores.With Northern Ireland’s goal shooting position now helmed by Jenna Bowman the Irish team pulled through and narrowly closed the game with 12-9 in their favour in the third stanza.In the final quarter, Pepes seemed more motivated to advance their team score upon realizing that their Irish counterparts were leading the match.Goal shooter Herronie Daera showed her dexterity and scored 3 goals out of 3 attempts, but formidable defensive play put up by Irish captain Gemma Gibney enabled her team shooter Jenna Bowman to shoot at ease, with the Irish ending the match with 47-35.Pepe’s top scorer was Daera, who finished the match with the highest 96% shooting accuracy, scoring 23 out of 35 goals for her team.last_img