website promotion network is now the highlight for the website of SEO is actually a lot of people are still ignorant. Including her many SEOer for doing the job or ask the location of smoke and mirrors, website optimization, website ranking is the answer. In fact, this is a confusion of concepts.

In my opinion

Dennis, website localization is aimed at the industry website; and the website SEO positioning refers to the website of the audience, only the audience for the website promotion, sales can bring to the site, is a successful SEO process. So in the site SEO positioning, we have to consider what?

first is familiar with the site of the industry.

itself is known to do site optimization, website SEOer requirements of the industry have a keen sense of smell, can grasp the dynamic industry to grasp in wind sways grass, industry situation, make the website optimization scheme is the most reasonable, so as to obtain the network users in order to achieve the purpose of marketing.

followed by the site itself.

website is the premise of our network marketing, as the site’s SEOer to have a very understanding of the site. From the website to the website architecture content information, there must be an overall concept, convenient in the search engine algorithm adjustment, quick step to control global website.

and then understand the search engine.

we know the full name of SEO is the search engine optimization, which is for the search engine to a website promotion model. A few changes this year presumably many owners had suffered ", this is we can’t see in time direction caused by the search engine. Understand the search engine is as a required course in SEOer, I think we always Dennis and search engines were complementary but are engaged in a game, only to see the strategy we can make corresponding adjustment tactics.

finally understand the audience.

whether to be familiar with the site of the industry or to understand the search engine, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing we must understand the audience. We want to do is to satisfy the clear SEO website to the website of audience demand, knowledge of the audience what they need. Web site to the audience with a good user experience of the site is the most important step in the site SEO, only do this step to promote your site is a substantial effect.

do a good job site SEO positioning, accurate grasp of the audience, is the site optimization is the most critical and most important. Every website SEO friends, a good grasp of the website SEO positioning is the beginning of our real basis of website promotion.

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