e-commerce gives us the most direct and most sensual form is online shopping. According to statistics, China’s online shopping users average annual growth rate of around 48.6%, April 29, 2010, the State Council Information Office announced that the number of China net has reached 404 million, China total e-commerce transactions in 2009 exceeded 4 trillion, the Internet has become the locomotive of economic development. In 2010, Taobao mall a few days of day plan to achieve up to 900 million yuan in sales.

e-commerce generated huge profits for the traditional furniture industry is not a temptation. In April 10, 2011, Ali family network mall mall on-line conference, and family network mall furniture and building materials China largest operation network media Home Furnishing also with TaTa doors together to create a one hundred million day sales. Sibutramine participated in online group purchase upsurge in the last 40 days last year, online sales of 15300 pieces of furniture. The success of breaking the traditional business can not use the internet.

but due to the characteristics of e-commerce itself, coupled with the characteristics of the furniture industry itself, the introduction of e-commerce in the furniture industry for some time, the advantages and disadvantages are gradually revealed.

convenient, fast, cheap, can be customized furniture industry spring

first, convenient. As we all know, e-commerce is the biggest feature of convenience, here is the convenience of consumers. At home, you can get a large amount of information. People often say that better than three, and have a fast network, you can browse to the furniture they want at home, at the same time can be compared with other similar products, find truly meet their needs, without the need to run around, even all over the world can access products. E-commerce greatly broaden the channels of furniture sales. This is also one of the main reasons for the impact of e-commerce on traditional furniture industry.

second points, fast. In general, the choice of their favorite products online, you can pay directly through the Internet, and then the supplier will be sent to the consumer home products. This eliminates many of the links.

third points, cheap. E-commerce model, that is, C2C or B2C, this model reduces the number of sales in the middle part of the sale, so that the cost of furniture will be greatly reduced. Direct delivery to consumers, the price is much cheaper than the traditional furniture sales model. According to the survey, a Jennifer American six bed, in the market price is 53040 yuan, and through online shopping, such as Chinese leading brand furniture online direct marketing center: Fu furniture network on the bed of the price is 26520 yuan. Compared with the market price of a lot of concessions, but also to attract a lot of consumers choose the way the furniture online shopping.

fourth points can be customized. According to the author