customs, inspection and quarantine directly into storage base, a customs declaration can be customs clearance of goods, payment and settlement of cross-border tax refund service period. In April 8th, the Sino Russian cross-border clearance service platform launched officially in Suifenhe, it will be for Heilongjiang province to participate in the "The Belt and Road" construction and development services between the two countries, cross-border e-commerce to provide support.

With the "

Belt and Road Initiative" strategy to promote, more and more business practitioners interested in Heilongjiang for the development of Russian geographical advantage. In the past year, the total amount of parcels sent to Russia by the Russian border city of Suifenhe has more than 5 million pieces, the growth of cross-border electricity supplier scale of the new requirements for customs services.

Suifenhe customs chief

technology, Zhu Changchun said, after the cross-border business scale development, to develop new customs clearance mode, the new customs clearance service platform, customs clearance time from the original 3 to 5 days is compressed to 15 minutes. At the same time, we will cross-border e-commerce into the regulatory scope, convenient for enterprises to obtain tax rebates and other preferential policies, but also greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance, the development platform of open service "The Belt and Road".

it is understood that the cross-border electricity supplier clearance service platform using the list of nuclear release, summary reporting regulation of customs clearance procedures, online real-time monitoring, to further promote the Sino Russian border trade exchange in the sunshine at the same time, but also an effective solution to the problem of supervision leads to the fragmentation of foreign trade orders, will further promote the development of Sino Russian cross-border electronic business.

The general manager of the Russian

artlan group Bo Bezhmov believes that the establishment of Sino Russian cross-border clearance service platform benefits obviously, "under the help of the platform, the clearance of goods name, price, use, delivery address and other information will appear in an electronic list, it can have the customs timely, accurate and rapid audit. We can carry out cooperation with China partners."