the Hangzhou Internet business guide has been updated version of the two quarter, the effect is also good, with some omissions and flaws of the information we are very positive, now launched the third phase, the update rate of about 45%! Also increased Hangzhou active investors and business media.


"entrepreneur" magazine annual ranking of the best business city in mainland Chinese, fresh out of the "2015 best China entrepreneurial city", Hangzhou ranked fourth, behind the north deep first echelon.

Hangzhou is not only a China Internet company first Alibaba, there are a lot of $one billion, a $one hundred million Internet Co, more star beyond count startups. This year, Hangzhou venture is awesome, especially the Internet financial investment institutions in Hangzhou A new force suddenly rises., also very awesome, investment institutions and investors in other places are increasingly concerned about Hangzhou, like the Bush and Huang Yungang are really Jingwei moved to Hangzhou): I started this year also updated the new fund – warp capital, buddies are awesome, the sense of doing research driven investment institutions, has invested more than 10 projects, focus on the direction of the Internet especially the Internet financial insurance, trading platform, projects all over the country, then we will focus on promoting Zhejiang regional project investment.

I have been young recommended in other parts of the country to Hangzhou venture, ideal is not to say, say something, spend a little time, finishing some of the ABC business in Hangzhou, on the one hand, for other provinces and other countries): to come to Hangzhou venture brothers, in addition on the one hand, also hope to local startups have a little help, wrong place please contact and bandits. Bandits will be constantly revised, is now a quarterly revision, then look at the update can be more timely.

The next version of

will increase the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of non internet, especially in the transformation of the traditional industry information.

Internet listed company

for each business city there are a lot of home worthy of respect, they are also an example of talents for startups, the formation of an ecosystem, Ali and the NetEase system is probably the most obvious community. The success of these outstanding companies IPO also encouraged entrepreneurs to work hard and innovation.


Ali as a representative of the business and business cards in Hangzhou, in September 2014, Alibaba listed on the New York stock exchange bell, stock trading code for "BABA". The highest market capitalization of $about 300000000000.

in the first half of this year, Ali’s share price fell sharply with the concept, but in terms of the overall layout of the industry is not ambiguous, including Ali, including Ali, Ali, or accounted for the first Chinese internet.