1, as soon as possible to apply for blog, one day earlier to apply for more than one day to be clicked. For example, LoveBNU blog, in addition to a large amount, the highest in the forefront of the application is too early…… FT, ha ha

      2, remember, "parameter setting" is a good stuff, you can at any time, do not need to update the article, change a parameter, your blog will be included in the page of the "update"…… After half an hour or an hour, even if you fall off the latest update, you can change the parameters that have been changed. (don’t hit my egg, wife say let me tell you, I can bear the pressure to speak, hum, 315 Party group of heroes like muckraking inferior ah)

      3, your content is better. But in fact, is a good lie, bad still can, then you have to update ah…… For example, constantly updated, to tell you you are a in earnest blogger, blog is your "way of life", so every day you need to shout, "I updated".

      4, good wine is not afraid of deep alley, really, if you do not intend to sell, just want to keep your drink. But if you intend to sell yourself, but also exposed the habit, must go to the page advertised. This is an ongoing act, to seize every opportunity, in the various pages of the BBS at any time in a variety of ways to mention their blog. The method is as follows: my blog is updated. Look at my blog ah. In fact, you wrote this article I discussed in the blog…….

      5, your blog reproduced to the layout of it, really, can be reproduced, for those wonderful articles, which is to fight the brand. There is a part of the reproduced or write a brief introduction of the interest of everyone to lure you click on the blog link to watch.

      6, your signature file has not been changed to blog ads, FT, too backward. My personal profile and nickname are blog ads.. Can also continue to replace the ad. Have you ever seen a brilliant ad? For example, "I blog, I expose, I exist," or "the best blog in the history of human civilization"……

      7, want to let your article become a "hot topic"? Is very simple, blog immediately after let his friends go to the re, if you feel shy to trouble others can make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, and can mobilize some of your hidden re the vest, or simply by direct re ID myself. Write an article into three sections, or after writing the article re paste a lot of supplementary materials…… Wow, who is thick skinned, who own the re, who is.