Why don’t you   editing the manuscript? Because you write well. How to write it?

1. determine the article to whom to see, that is clear the audience group

                you have to write this article, who is the target audience? To professional readers, or to the general public to see, is to look at corporate users, or to individual users to see? If you don’t even know it, don’t move it. In Admin5 to write the article, you want to see the contents of the webmaster, not to the Internet users to see, the webmaster’s point of view like to see what you write, or your article is difficult to pass

2. determine which media to write, in what section and channel

                clear the audience group, the next will be considered in the media in what section of the article.

                the star gossip to the "nature" magazine, fly it? To send the software tutorial to the social news section, the editors will agree?

                the positioning of the media is not the same, the audience is not the same, only the manuscript of the audience and the media audience groups in order to achieve the purpose of matching.

                why don’t you edit the manuscript? It is because even the editors feel that your manuscript does not meet the audience of his media. Or, the latest draft, guiding principles and the tone of this manuscript does not conform to —-

3. find out the direction of the media

                Sichuan earthquake, bay, fuck you to send an interview with the bar street, the people of Shanghai lehaha "was not to die?

                prior to write an article, first look at the media guide, for example, you write an open-source software application, advocates of the open source software features more than one of the software products of Microsoft. You want to send this article to the CSDN’s home page, the editor said recently can not send. Why? To CSDN a look, Microsoft sponsored CSDN made a Microsoft technology conference, the editor can give you hair?