Hello everyone, I was Zeng Xin, today to bring you an article on the construction of a good site article, teach you how to build a website to make people feel the transaction landing page. On the establishment of impressive website, I think this is the different people have different views of the problem, said last year Public opinions are divergent., also cannot say, I admit it, so I suggest that we continue to focus on, behind me say a lot.

in fact, when we see the title of this article, I think we will think that this is a website front-end engineer, or UI architect, see an article. In fact, I do not think, but I think, and search engine optimization has a relationship can not be separated. You can think about what is the search engine optimization, it will be said that the search engine optimization is ranked, is a way of network marketing. In fact, but the more fundamental reason is that you want the user to visit the site, at the right time to find what he wants. You can think of it as a trade, or you can think of some of the more evil, each user, you are in order to trade, if you can think so, I think you will better understand this article.

we simply want to, you see when the transactions "this impressive site type of landing page", you most want to see what most want to see is how to build the website of heart? For example, when you search for something, such as a search "you want to see what time how to solve the dead links and error link"? How to solve it. Well, that we think so, you can search, I don’t know whether you have this habit, I have this habit, I am in search of something, I love you open many pages, though I cannot see each page in the first time, but I will open. Then I’ll give you a quick glance, and there’s nothing I want to do in the open page. If you continue to view, if not turn off, think about whether you are. We combined with the examples, we can know the user to your web page when searching information, in fact, your life is a chance to exist, turn off your web page you are likely to represent you never lose this user. So what we have to do is to keep the user in a very short time, which is called gold eight seconds, there are a lot of things you have to do in the next eight seconds.

first: let the user find what he wants.

second: to estimate what the user needs, and to give him as much as possible.

third: lead him to complete your transaction.

I said so maybe a lot of people are not very clear, I explain.

first, let the user find what he wants. I believe this is a good idea, as I said above, I will not explain it.

second, at second, to estimate what the user needs, and as much as possible