guide language: build popular blog article on random search, the search results are not under ten million (Baidu search results to 10200000), is also to create a popular blog theme, because about different perspectives, the reader should have different harvest. Today we share the theme focused on the personal independence blog, and the limitations of network promotion, network marketing field to say the popularity of blog, should the number of Lu Songsong and Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong blog with comments on a blog interactive access to a high popularity, is the simple network promotion to achieve the ultimate model, proved the most important is the implementation of network promotion Mou Changqing; blog more by original content sharing to win, to get the favor of grassroots.

I have been too focused on their own blog promotion and operation, set up a blog more than half a year, but the lack of popularity rate scanty, a day over the flow rate of more than 80ip less 20ip, ashamed that last year during the national day, because do not understand SEO on the blog big change caused by K, tears bitter for a period of time to be included. Recently, the Yangtze River students wrote "Wang Changjiang: talk about the independent blog promotion experience", feeling with his treasure, and continued for 3 days, and 2, in the communication process according to his method and relevant information online, re-examine and adjust their blog, rewarding, I think most of the results due to the Yangtze River classmates.

Mou Changqing once wrote an article "how to create a popular independent blog", have their own independent blog friends in the highly respected, this paper mainly focus on three aspects to describe how to create a popular blog, the three aspects are "blog content", "construction", "blog blog promotion operation" write, very comprehensive. The blog recently adjusted experience not exclusive, "another way" from the build popular blog "hardware" infrastructure and everyone share.

text: repeat nonsense, just want to write before yesterday evening, Wang Changjiang on the blog prompted by a sudden impulse to search the article reproduced, inadvertently enter a 163 blog, that is my friend Li Xuepeng established 163 promotion blog, interestingly, only the above post text summary, under a guide language so "source: XXX, bShare, Chinese global Internet the most powerful content sharing tools! Join bShare now!", the found have a keen interest, because the time is late and he didn’t stop his online, hands-on research, finally found his zblog a blog social media sharing plugin called "Bshare share", on the hour finally understand the plug-in use, feeling "Bshare share" plug-in for the blog Promotion is very large, but also lamented that others develop better than you, to a large extent faster than the speed of access to information, frequent information asymmetry will lead you to slow progress. See the following Bshare to share the effect to show you are not a heartbeat, heartbeat as action, the following to wp>