1, network marketing is not planned to launch

      many enterprises have no clear understanding of network marketing at the beginning. Most business owners or managers through the newspaper and TV publicity and friends, encourage or solicitor, should be aware of the network marketing, through the Internet to expand their business and sales. So immediately arrange personnel to contact the production site, publish information, into the network promotion. The entire network marketing process did not plan to launch, once three months down the network marketing no effect, announced the failure of the network marketing lost confidence and interest.

      however, network marketing is a systematic project, involving many aspects, according to their actual situation, carries on the demand analysis, make a thorough scientific plan, in order to achieve success. Released from the site to carry out the construction of enterprise information, to formulate promotion budget, choose network marketing methods and products, professional sales, customer service network marketing arrangements, work arrangements in place, persevere, make the network marketing business process smooth, the effect of network marketing so as to achieve the ideal.

      2, website construction design light application

      construction enterprise website is a very important part of network marketing. However, in fact, most companies do not play the role of the site should be the role of network marketing. This is inseparable from the understanding of the enterprise website construction. Most companies believe that the site is the company’s online appearance, the more beautiful the better. Art design, Flash animation, corporate image has become the focus of attention of the enterprise, as the site is in line with the needs of network marketing, whether it is convenient for future features to increase or adjust, do not consider. Part of the website construction service providers also cater to the preferences in the form of great efforts, high site construction costs for internal function and the application link is not to do marketing.

      website construction is to serve the needs of network marketing, this must be clear. Website construction should be designed and applied. It is necessary to pay attention to corporate image display, should clear the site network marketing service functions and processes, focusing on building a product or service, user interaction, information retrieval, customer experience and other aspects, to make the site more practical and effective.

      3, blindly spam marketing, information mass

      many enterprises at a loss in the face of network marketing, many companies have chosen to send spam, or sending information to all kinds of BBS, BLOG and guestbook. Although in the short term, companies can receive some of the effects of network marketing, such as the increase in site visits, to clinch a deal with a number of customers, but in the long run, enterprise >