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more than 100 fans, you are like a magazine; more than 1000, you are a bulletin board; more than 10 thousand, you are like a magazine; more than 100 thousand, you are a metropolis daily; more than 100 million, you are television.

have fast media properties of micro-blog fission and have fast all the attributes of the consumer group purchase is "a heaven-made match fusion"


how to generate more orders in the case of limited fans


is the current mainstream of the group purchase website, about 30% of the traffic comes from micro-blog, the author of this data is conservative, unless the group purchase site itself is small, while their Sina micro-blog is super bo. This is not the case, according to Sina’s micro-blog statistics, buy Big Bo is now basically and several large groups are consistent. Big league has big Bo, and not the contrary. The fact is that even if the mission is the mission of the large group of official micro-blog, its forwarding is limited, in the limited forwarding, traffic and orders will not have big data.

legend: public comment Sina micro-blog group forwarding


seen from the figure, comment Shanghai micro-blog has 58000 fans, but the sweet orange bone was 25 of the micro-blog group purchase forwarding, the chain reaction is not too obvious, it can really bring flow and order is not forwarded comment, but he each group product information distribution covering a large range (nearly 60 thousand) fans, exposure rate brought group purchase demand.

I believe that if stressed or forced to bring forward the flow of micro-blog and orders do not necessarily achieve the effect, and adequate coverage and coverage of information can bring considerable order effect. To the question, micro-blog does not generally group purchase amount of fans so much, how with the above principle, the author under the official micro-blog health group (http://s.t.sina.com.cn/jiankangtuangou) application with the micro-blog group to explain the reality of this method is multi segment information covering method


medium group official micro-blog order conversion method – multi period coverage method

multi period information covering method is the investigation of the large round information forwarding and coverage, combined with the actual health group, summed up in micro-blog’s most active period of time, a new method to promote group purchase flow and order forwarding let information update and reach the fans to share page /p>! "

specific implementation requirements:

first: the group’s micro-blog is the official certification of micro-blog, and fans can not be less than 4000 (too few fans, more than a few hours also can not cover the number), such as health group fans 5167, is the most suitable method.


second: fans must be real fans (can’t get up, zombie fans) and must.