Ge uncle when he said that the mobile advertising, which is where the operator to choose where to go more than one person; a word out of the true meaning of network marketing – the user’s aggregation and spontaneous dissemination. When the user begins to gather, diffusion effect of the Internet rapidly diverge, web site operators can wait for the harvest. However, how can we encourage users to gather it? Today to share with you Google wave unique collection of users’ network marketing skills.

from free to invite: email vendor marketing history


has become the Internet e-mail life essential tool, but the profit pattern and promotion mode once plagued many email developers; until a Hotmail began quietly popular, the user is king, free of charge for the Hotmail won the favor of many users in a very short period of time.

however the Internet free mode of replication, does not seem to be a very difficult thing; and provide free email email is open for business as one falls, another rises, a necessary tool, but more and more few people mentioned to seize the email market. Because free has made all e-mail zero difference (at least in terms of cost will have additional user experience development), but Google mail is a special case.

Google is recognized as a unique corporate culture of Internet Co, Google mail is not an ordinary E-mail Promotion, but the invitation (of course, some people will say that this is the test needs). The invitation to make free e-mail becomes noble, and Maslow needs theory tells us to allow users to feel respected to meet the highest level of user needs.

can be seen, Google e-mail is an invitation to grasp the basic needs of the user.

Google wave: the next generation of online communication tools

whether you use Sina or micro-blog, Tencent QQ, you can imagine the impact brought by wave communication Google. Website operation consultant Huang Manxi believes that although the existing online communication tools to achieve a real-time conversation, but the information source is based on the past, while Google wave is originality support information editing.

unfamiliar street view, so that users feel that the honor may be a temporary alternative marketing stimulus, but the real product to generate viral marketing effect, more dependent on the product’s lead and user experience. The Google wave is providing a typical case of network marketing. Google wave are unique in that it can encourage users to invite more friends, to enhance the user experience; in fact the user experience is more dependent on the user’s Google wave spontaneous, users and users form chain unique, thus forming Google and wave user stickiness.