recently talked with friends about the promotion of the star space, after a period of communication, I think we do have a certain advantage of star space. Then I is mainly to today and talk about how quickly we play space.

in the past, many people will ask, we do star space will have what advantage? I like everyone, may feel the space star for us is not what advantage, although before I often receive QQ message similar to the main content of the message is "the latest discovery a certain star QQ, there are a lot of private photos of this for us is a tempting. Before we did not expect, depending on the star space we can rely on this gain. But now I know, this and we do have some other space.

so how should we play the star space quickly?

I. extrapolation

no matter what type of space we do, we extrapolate is essential link. For star space, we have a lot of natural flow every day. Because we do star space, each star has already had a certain amount of popularity before, so that the name of the person directly through the search QQ is more. Although we search back to the search for a lot of the same name, here we need to pay attention to:

Improvement of

1 data

2 avatar settings

3 space layout

how can we get out of so many numbers out, it requires our personal data set. We set the permissions to allow anyone to become joined, then our information which is available through the Baidu search to direct, such as what the name, these directly to Baidu could be rid of.

two. Forum post bar

we do star class promotion these choices are relatively wide, we can directly enter a name of a star or star fans what keywords in Post Bar, to find the corresponding Post Bar, we can go to speak in the Post Bar inside, leaving a certain star QQ.

for the forum, we can go directly to different forums, such as entertainment section, which is suitable for us to do the promotion. When doing promotion we must pay attention to their words, first of all we need to clear is to push our QQ number. If we speak not to have good words, so we are very easy to be deleted or title.

three. Video

here said the video is mainly entertainment platform or Youku and other large video sites. We are going to review these platforms are faced with two problems:

1 account

US >