I grope for several network promotion experience

I become a webmaster, actually small day was very comfortable, work is also good, but suddenly one day to think this is a good idea (so as not to say what I write is advertising, not to mention here is what specific ideas I, interested can go to see the excellent medical network), is to start station. Started to do the site, I do not know what SEO, promotion, links, etc., for a long time are busy with the design of the site’s content and architecture. Thinking about how to enrich the content of the site, thinking about how beautiful, so do a good job, the user will come, in fact, later found that it is very orthodox or, very inexperienced rookie practice.

was probably completed after the site was found through the search engine to a number of users, but the number is still very small. How to promote their own web site to make their own web site traffic up? These two questions have been bothering me. At that time, I do not want to go to a variety of media advertising ah, I do not have so much money. Later, on the Internet, to each big Adsense BBS kantie, combined with practical experience, figured out some methods below me.

1 do keyword

It is important to choose the

keyword, do not choose a high degree of popular, can be slightly upset, then the content of foot. Still more effective.

2 to the


this way will not lead to direct users too much, but there will be some, especially with the industry you do related forums will be better. I like this medicine is the medical treatment, to 39, rest assured Yiyuan such forum to send, the effect is good. But also conducive to search engines to search their own articles.

3 released a good soft

soft number is not necessarily more, but to write fine and good, and then a little organization of friends to hype, so that many sites will be reproduced, very useful. If you can make something like this sensational news, then the fire, do not make your server crash.

4 update information every day

this is very important, the key is to insist on doing every day, do not always copy, but also appropriate to change into a pseudo original, so it is very good for the collection.

5 friendship connection

the beginning of a good link to change is difficult, but as long as the efforts to try, there will be some use, to improve the site PR is still good.

6 website quality

site quality is the most critical, because if the site does not have the quality, and who would like to come here to see you, even if it comes, but also to look at the walk, there is no repeat customers. Therefore, adhere to improve the quality and quality of the site is the root of the site.

above is what I do stand some experience, may say is not very thin very full, some may not recognize