Apple products Internet dealer list shows that Amazon has not been authorized to sell iPad.


technology news February 17th morning news, according to a person close to Apple said, apple B2C China Amazon website Never mind to stop selling iPad and trademark case, because the electricity supplier website is not Apple authorized dealer of iPad online. At the same time, part of the supplier to the electricity supplier website iPad entity authorized dealers have received apple under the proposed framework notice.

China electricity supplier has not been authorized Apple online sales

apple and Shenzhen Proview iPad trademark in China has recently become a hot media discussion of the dispute, in the lawsuit heats up, apple suddenly asked to suspend sales of electricity supplier website iPad attracted speculation. One of the general speculation is that the iPad shelf and trademark case.

, however, according to informed sources, the domestic electricity supplier website under the iPad and trademark case does not matter, Amazon and other electricity supplier website to stop selling iPad is because they are not authorized dealer apple iPad. Apple declined to Chinese this strange shelf iPad comment on the incident, but there is news that this may be related to adjust the sales strategy.

, according to informed sources, Apple authorized dealer online is only more than and 10, while Apple authorized the products they sell are not the same, some online dealers can sell iPod, iPad, Mac and other products, some are only part of the product sales. For example, Amazon is not authorized to sell its own iPad, but it can sell iPod and Mac.

Sina Technology Consulting Apple website found that Apple’s online authorized dealers, including FRYS.COM, AMAZON.COM, PCConnection and other 13 sites, none of which has a Chinese e-commerce site.

Apple recommends the entity authorized to stop selling online

domestic electricity supplier website iPad sources come from?

according to the industry, the domestic electricity supplier website basically is the authorized dealer or distributor from Apple Chinese entity access to sources, but their sales behavior of iPad has not been authorized Apple Corp.

At present,

B2C’s own website such as Amazon, Jingdong China mall have sale iPad, but also for the B2C website, although not external position under the frame of iPad, but its self sale iPad state has been out of stock, sales also settled merchants — Apple Chinese entity dealer who.

according to sina science and technology to understand, in the electricity supplier website to buy iPad’s outlook is not optimistic. Because many entities authorized dealers have received apple