When the feeling of reading

in Shanghai Chinese join era has arrived, so according to the habits I registered 91jm.com, is (to join) the homonym. I am 04 years from the registered domain name, after preparation, the beginning of the end of 05 to run for 06 years, the beginning of the line, when I was full of confidence to start operation, found overwhelming u88, 28 business network advertising, there are u88 malicious plug-ins, Wang Gang, Wei Fan, star endorsement. As a grassroots webmaster, for the first time felt the original Internet competition.

I do as a grassroots webmaster, this two years has been concerned about the franchise network, for the high cost of advertising is the first reaction – u88 business network strength can not be blocked. 28 a lot of money. In fact, such as u88 website, not the first time in the CCTV, but only 28 of the publicity is not so penetrating. These investment companies are basically invested in the company, advertising costs a lot.

me as a little personal webmaster also silently in the struggle, this website I spent a lot of time on the Internet, for so many years, the first time I feel is the right idea. Just do not know when to start preparing to stand, the other to join the network with great strength, large funds into the industry.

from the grassroots webmaster for so many years of feeling, no time to do a website will appear such competitors. It is not surprising that some of the other webmasters have made their own similar websites. But this is the first time. Their own has been in the reflection, is not their own choice of the wrong industry, is not to fail again on the Internet do not know what to do later with the franchise network owners are now the situation?

if there is a franchise to do the webmaster, I now and you analyze these two representative sites.

spokesperson: Grassroots webmaster (never give people work)

although the slogan was a bit arrogant, but I still very outgoing and love to make friends, as the one in the Internet business for many years and no achievements of grass-roots webmaster, name may be submerged in a vast expanse of water, graduated from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a standard 80, because it is your own web site, so give yourself a title endorsement. (the main reason: gas station, endorsement fee free).

              it is necessary to join the current state of development of the site

will join the network flow analysis from the point of view, the content of project project is complete, you can always find you want to join the industry here. Daily amount of IP is almost 15000W, PV browsing 6W, traffic is basically natural flow, but because of the lack of commercial operation, there is no profit at all. At that time, the site did not join the network as much as any other network is what violence,