I am a rural baby, life has been a bit hard, but also very happy. I am not writing, I will give birth, with the fast a year when be adopted I sent back home, the reason is when I take the dying. I was born with 10 and a half I was sent back when there are still about 9 pounds, a year does not say long lost, so I had a serious illness, others say that it can live with, even if it is also a fool to live. Fortunately, I’m not a fool now

was 4 years old, because my home is in rural areas, because of their playful, with mom and dad go to work in the fields, of course, is not what I do, on the side to play, just to catch up with the spring, the frog everywhere, in order to catch frogs head in the field, one hour of shock.

4 and a half years old, because some of the things at home, dad and uncle leads to discord, and then in the village, 90% people out of my uncle, listen to the words of others, drank pesticide to cut uncle, just hit my father, my father said a few words, it is chasing dad cut, my father ran away, he will come to my home, my mother was in the cellar with sweet potato out of pigs, I almost at the top, my head will fall, fortunately, my mother helped me uniform uncle, but because of this reason, then uncle because the rescue is not timely death, the people of the village is a recognized my mother’s. Later, the court decided to self-defense. Such expenses, my almost bankrupt.

is 12 years old, because of their playful, and childhood friends, just a few people on me, have to bear, then a is bigger than me, he put me to jump down, cause I can’t speak for 5 minutes, or breathe again. A difficult

17 years old, read high school, just read a few days, the news came home, his father died because of a coal mine incident, the news came, I almost broke down. My father was very fond of me, home to the 2 brother to dig coal, I did not, my elder brother is 14 years old to 15 years old, my brother.

is 18 years old, his father died a year, my sister and I attended the college entrance examination, we can still get the job, my mother said, read, so my brother was in charge of the burden, I am very grateful to my brother, I thank him. So let me set foot on my new.

20 years old, sophomore I learn some of the basic operation of the computer, as well as with my friends to learn web design, so that I know what the site is.

21 years old, junior school dropped out, he did not want to read, that diploma is only waste, with their own impulse into a computer training center. After learning for 2 months, after coming out there for six months, did not learn what technology, but with the boss to learn the survival of the enterprise, so far I think I learned in life up to half a year

22 years old, came out, came to Jiangxi, to do a web site, but also in an Internet cafe to do technical network management, the site is from the third to buy space in November, the 12 generation >