tourism information, tourism website is now popular in the market, do you like a swarm of bees tourism website, has had more than 8 thousand tourist routes, N personal travel website is rapidly rising, although there are many. Now do air ticket distribution, the hotel is scheduled to have more than 2 thousand sites.
the current online travel enterprise profit is not good, eLong business struggling is so long, still struggling for profit, why is there such a situation?
  the two messages seem contradictory, but it’s true. The reason is that the tourism the cake is very big, hundreds of billions of market size, search group travel is expected to 2010, China will have the world’s largest domestic tourism market, the number of outbound tourists will also be among the best.
    and most of the trip is scheduled to air tickets, hotels or newspaper groups. This has produced a very good expectations, the future is expected to be able to go into the market in this attractive. And this market entry threshold is particularly low, almost 0, as long as you have an order, you can not find the seller.  

  there are several domestic travel agencies, light Beijing travel agency has more than and 800. Excellent online travel companies are active in mergers and tourism enterprises, integrate their resources, in turn, traditional travel agencies are mergers of online travel companies due to travel very rare, with awe on the website of this high-tech products do not understand, fear is the main reason, in fact the site is relatively simple.

    Beijing information technology progress is good, IT special people, understand the site, technical personnel everywhere, Beijing travel agency website is the straight, otherwise, after 20 years, we are not to travel to the application, it is not without a job?