network marketing is the fire, but do network marketing business is very few, why there are so many enterprises but in the end did not stampede in, good results. We have to think about such a problem, their advertising costs to cast out their own site to do a good job, but also hired a professional, but it is not up to their expectations.

in fact, the emergence of these problems is not accidental, but our enterprises into a network marketing errors, the method is not right, efforts in vain. Only to avoid these errors, enterprises can accumulate steadily, only in this way, the network marketing go more smoothly. Here are a few of the details of the network marketing of small and medium enterprises for your detailed information.

first, as long as the website construction and ignore the application of

enterprises to build their own official website, is a facade of a corporate publicity, this is the most important part of the network marketing, are carried out around the site. However, in fact, most companies do not play the role of the site should be the role of network marketing. With this understanding of enterprise website construction is inseparable, the majority of the construction site in the form of great efforts for internal function and marketing application link is not to do.

website construction is to serve the needs of network marketing, network marketing should clear the site service function and construction process, pay attention to product or service display, user interaction, information retrieval, customer experience and other aspects, to make the site more practical, effective, has become a marketing website, we have a network of cattle to do this. If you don’t understand, you can consult.

two, blind information group

many enterprises in the face of website marketing at a loss, think that as long as you continue to send information on the line, in fact, they did not know their users where their users do not know what the feeling after reading a. And it led to a lot of companies called employees to send spam, or send information to various types of BBS, BLOG and message book. Although in the short term, the enterprise can obtain some website marketing results, such as site visits increased, some customers can clinch a deal, but in the long run, the effect of network marketing companies hurt is far greater than the. Because you bring a bad image to the user, the user will be disgusted after seeing, will bring some negative effects.

three, website marketing plan is not immediately action

network marketing plan is to specify the direction of the implementation, we need to develop such a plan, rather than unplanned action immediately, so that in the end you will find that they do not know what to do. Web marketing is a systematic project, involving many aspects, the need to combine their own actual situation, demand analysis, the development of scientific and meticulous planning, in order to achieve success. From the development of the website, the enterprise information release, to develop the promotion budget, choose the website marketing methods and products, arrange website marketing full-time sales, customer service, etc.