for the owners concerned, every day things to occupy most of the time, and the simple user to "flow", is the complex things simple. An important method to solve the problem, because the user needs analysis is a very troublesome thing, every day tens of thousands of visitors to the landing site, and then close the browser, the webmaster have to face the visitors, it is difficult to be accurate to the individual needs of users, but also makes the summary statistics simple user behavior becomes very difficult, how can a user of the landing site in Jiangsu at 10:20 in Xuzhou quickly left the real reason why the website


is not only a personal webmaster, many commercial websites are rarely able to commercial customers browsing behavior carefully analyzed and summarized, then this article is from the perspective of personal website, can see how simple needs analysis for visitors.

first placed in front of the webmaster, the site is currently the main means of promotion, only a real understanding of where the user comes from, to be able to really be the actual needs of users from the fundamental summary.

is currently the main source of users, can be divided into the following simple channels:


to understand user needs, we should know what they are from the channel to the site, now in the small station circle is the hottest speculation is the search engine optimization, for the owners concerned, is indeed a profit business, can not spend money to get a lot of traffic conditions, while ranking once stable, but also can save the a lot of maintenance time.

but for the largest search engine Baidu, along with the progress of technology and the concept of change, no point of real gold and silver SEO Kung Fu, 08 years is really rare survival ranking in Baidu down, and enter the site through the search engine users, most of the loyalty is low, it is difficult to immediately produce stronger economic benefits and the rapid formation of a business behavior.

The main

and search engines use habits, users at the same time in the application of Baidu or Google search engine, but also inherited the search engines use arbitrary shortcomings, in the face of thousands of visitors may meet in the actual needs of the search results, the authority of the search results is naturally users decreased, especially Baidu put a lot of advertising today, the search results will indeed be more in name than in reality to meet the actual needs of users further damage.

such a theory may be a reasonable explanation, why many commercial websites while also attaches great importance to search engine optimization, equipped with specialized departments and there is a good place at the same time, or will the main propaganda funds to the network or traditional advertising costs.

as a paid advertisement, whether short-term or long-term effect of word-of-mouth marketing, will have a greater impact on the market, a lot of small and medium sized websites owners may not understand, for a very simple example, the large and medium-sized city have launched a new station stops advertising.