a summary of

Chongqing ceramic network (www.cqtcw.com) is the integration of the Chongqing market ceramic tile bathroom brands, businesses, consumers, markets (shopping malls) as one of the network information platform. Since the website was officially opened in August 15th, after continuous improvement and improvement, we have made a summary of the achievements and shortcomings, at the same time, the overall design of the next year’s Web site development strategy.

1, after the website production company will complete the framework of a site, Chongqing ceramic network team on existing website structure has been optimized, the site further improve the function, achieved the requirements of the industry portal.

2, complete the product market entry Guojiao more than 90% businesses, [original] upload products a total of more than 5000, issued evaluation 100, the average product reviews 5 pictures, writing words more than 200 words for each product.

3, with the building materials market every promotional activities, online tracking reports, the timely upload and update information.

4, using the website resources and multi media partnership, such as "information", "ceramic kitchen magazine", enrich the information industry view of business, the details of factors in the market.

5, as of December 19th, mainly in the building materials industry website Home Furnishing based Links reached 228, the number of member online stores up to 300; Jiezhuang enterprises 225; number 1721 forums; publishing industry recruitment of 176 enterprises; human resource information 822, included news page 7280.

6, search rankings, in the absence of any payment to promote the situation, enter the Chongqing ceramics to BAIDU, GOOGLE and YAHOO search engines, are ranked first.


7, December 1st from the site to carry out the organization in the absence of any group purchase activities, media investment, a total of more than 50 owners to attract group purchase registration, statistics in the book to come to participate in group purchase website has 20 or so.

two, 2008 Chongqing ceramic network development ideas

continue to stand in the height of the industry portal, to serve the national market as the core content of the work, and actively to provide businesses with channel and Bridge display product information and consumers understand the product information, increase sales channel business, promote national market leadership in the industry, enhance the market of intangible assets and brand influence, to build e-commerce platform the unique national market belongs to, and strive to make the short-term Chongqing ceramic network with independent profit function in the future, the popularity of e-commerce era, build Chongqing area ceramic sanitary ware is the earliest and largest direct marketing platform.

(a), online promotion

A, to ensure the timely update of news and forum: news update is a necessary condition to keep the site ranking and traffic, daily weekly and monthly completion of news updates, or ceramic members >