Abstract: the main video of young people social Faceu recently announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars B round of financing, this round of investment led by the United States and the United States, the speed of sound vibration with the vote. Round of financing is mainly used for product development, in order to improve product quality and expand social functions.


Faceu team has access to IDG capital millions of angel investment and the speed of sound vibration VC million yuan A round of financing.

it is understood that the Faceu team had to create a burst of red social APP Faceu is adorable face, Guo and his team to build second models of social products, the introduction of two products are logged APP ranked first overall standings. Faceu positioning for short video chat, and QQ, WeChat text voice chat is different, you need to simultaneously video image processing and IM instant messaging experience to achieve the ultimate. Faceu currently has exceeded 25 million users, of which 90% of the 80% users, the vast majority of user generated content for short video. In addition, the new on-line strangers meet Meng friends have been driven by the number of friends and chat with the rapid growth in the number of.

why did you choose for the beauties of the investment in the B round, Guo said: "now is the era of video, film, live 17, Periscope, Musically these video social networking applications from the global rise can be seen, and the social image has been more and more closely, especially in Chinese, female users can not open beauty. The image of products, the best in the world, culture and beauties atmosphere is our team is recognized, the most important is that beauty map and Faceu the same confidence in the future of video social trends and prospects, we understand the need for a US, trust us, like-minded investors, this is the reason why we chose mito."