hammer mobile phone has always been ahead in criticism, has been transferred losses, bankruptcy, acquisition, being called feelings lost to the market. While M1 release marks Luo Yonghao’s compromise, "compromise" seems to be the capital of the hammer, but in many problems, as Luo Yonghao said: "look like a hammer outside but now is the best domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the period of" the history of the hammer of



investment world news on November 21st, hammer technology will be completed a new round of about 300 million yuan of financing, the current round of the hammer for the old shareholders of the given increase financing, but the specific investment list and the proportion is not disclosed. The financing verified in July of this year, Luo Yonghao in an interview with the financial interview, this round of financing is coming to an end, very smooth argument.

this is following the October release of the new M1 sales hot, after the redemption of the mortgage to the equity stake in Alibaba, hammer and a rare good news.

slow product iteration and financing

was founded in May 2012 and has now been 4 years old. This more than four years, a total of 4 mobile phone products released.

May 20, 2014, two years after the establishment of the hammer released the first mobile phone Smartisan T1, initially priced at 3500 yuan, to the year August 2015 sales of 255626 units.

August 25, 2015, that is, 462 days after the release of T1, hammer released a new brand of nuts, priced at 16G899/32G999, target users for students, the final sales of less than 1 million units.

December 29, 2015, hammer released the Smartisan series of second generation T products Smartisan T2, 16GB version price is 2499 yuan, 32GB for 2599 yuan, the official did not disclose sales, is very bleak.

in the era of rapid development of the Internet, as a slow product iteration, in recent years, each round of financing of the hammer can not be said to have successfully, but the relatively slow pace of financing.

was founded in the beginning of the Luo Yonghao hammer, "feelings" once captured a friend, including the unfamiliar street CEO Tang Yan, elephant Association founder Huang Zhangjin, ape exam CEO Li Yong, snowball finance CEO 18 side of salmon and Alibaba founder in two – Wu Yongming and a fly, in addition:

March 2012, the hammer to get angel investors Wu Yongming 9 million yuan investment;

May 2013, get 70 million yuan A round of investment from the purple venture capital and unfamiliar street.

April 2014, received 200 million yuan B round of financing from the stone investment, Haitong creative capital, venture capital and purple Hui Jun;

June 2015, from gold