railway station is just set up, search engine is not included, not how to do flow, the webmaster is to submit to the major search engines, and then began a long wait, wait for the search engine, the webmaster is to send the article, update, so time is the past, in fact in practice. The different stations included time is not the same, some stations do not need so long time


, such as a new site, site navigation, has just been established for 8 days, but was included in Baidu, and the first row of keywords. ALEXA ranked 2W, GOOGLE ranked fourth, general new sites, it is difficult to achieve this effect. Site navigation is based on personal webmaster, SEOER, website builders and the establishment of the needs of the station. How to achieve the effect of "web site navigation".

propaganda is very important, a team together is a powerful force, propaganda is also so. A new station can not wait to be included, to guide the search engine itself, to see your station, the first station of their own, rich in content, almost, you can publicize.

at first I did not know what "navigation" the station, see the share in the domestic friends in the article, the article is very well written, also introduced this station, this station has a look into the tools I need, such as keyword query tool, keywords ranking, website, together feeling very practical, collection, by friends to understand, they are promoting this station, the idea is very good, I also joined the ranks of the publicity, this is the soft effect, so I know the station.

was just starting to let us know. I was confused. Do not know how to promote, but also read a lot of articles to promote. But have not practiced, and now I decided to try to see if they can achieve their goals. Go to the IT industry Adsense QQ group, experience exchange group, BD cooperation group, as long as the Internet is to promote the group of people to the webmaster navigation promotion, so that the owners have to understand the actual function of the webmaster navigation. See more people, search engine will think that this station is very useful, will come in, there is hope.

should go to the webmaster forum promotion, find some of the more popular forum. Want to attract public attention, to write high quality soft Wen, the article also introduces the webmaster navigation, in connection with, let everyone know this station is useful to them, so readers in view, the search engine must come to see, site traffic, and search engine attention, a win-win situation. As long as there is concern, search engine will be concerned about the concern, the more people, the higher the weight, is the truth. The faster the collection.

There is

exchange links, and high quality, fast updating station friendly connection, on the one hand to hand, you have no future, feel very powerful navigation station, many stations have done a connection to a higher weight, included faster. Ranked ranked first is also very natural, and no mystery, need their own efforts!