every webmaster wants his station can be Baidu Google early included, included, can be described as the exhaustion of the brain. How not to spend money to achieve the promotion effect? Here is my promotion experience, saying: there is no free lunch, do not want to spend money, to pay for intelligence, published some of the original article, included effect excellent.

my secretarial chowder network www.rrrwm.com established, promotion road is not flat. At the end of 2007, the beginning of the creation, listening to the teacher’s words, in each big forum, a person can not help here, but also spend money to post, but the effect is not very ideal. A lot of my forum posts when the garbage out, to the background check, minimal flow from the forum, almost negligible.

heard later and station webmaster link can effectively improve the PR value, increase the weight. Looking for someone to do link, but a small station, who fancy you? And the station master set almost, want to take care of it, but others and what you neither relative nor friend help you? There is no free lunch, had to spend some money, get rid of isolated situation, bought some links, but had a little effect. Did not want so good, the main is: a month, the rent will come, say something nice to get some cheap, but the station stationmaster is no room for bargaining, cash strapped, had to reluctantly part, eventually give up.

in the hands of a pen, four pen pull Gu heart dazed? Then listen to the users when it comes to write some experience in stationmaster net can improve the amount collected. By the way, I was a publicity man, and I was so poor. I wrote half believe and half doubt, few articles. This writing does not matter, really see the results, site, Baidu included short cycle, Baidu spider becomes diligent, every day I stand. Later, last month because I do not stop experience, be Baidu pull hair, only the home page, Baidu update date for June 26th, but an article yesterday on the flow of money using GG station Baidu search advertising ", probably to see many people, reprint rate is also high, so Baidu spider in my favor, site, a night of my Baidu home date becomes July 3rd.

in fact, writing also for brains, also spend effort, stationmaster net love good pen, I just spend intelligence and network owners to do a


editor comments: webmaster network welcome your contribution, good article not only Adsense nets like, Adsense also like.