this article only provide thinking way, can give you some inspiration, did not provide the actual operation method, some people can ignore


see a lot of traditional enterprises have been fully aware of the importance of the Internet, everyone want to through the Internet can scarcely wait for their own enterprises to broaden marketing channels,

increase traffic. Even some companies have to make the edge, want to through the Internet to save the situation. But at present, the small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of network marketing channels, faced with some common problems:

1, website

. Looking for a company to do site, spend some money to do a website, the website before the repair after finally on the line, business owners feel good. Then, it is no longer like the boss in the past, even if the site on the completion of the Internet, has begun to ponder the promotion.

2, after the line on the website, this thinking can to XX a business phone, did not expect a period of time, the phone call is all sales call, of course, is not what you sell goods, but sell to you a variety of promotional products, all kinds of bidding advertising, search engine optimization, various industries, various marketing platform company…… , through their own sense of judgment, the decisive choice of Baidu bidding, and then pay 5600 yuan after waiting for the beginning of Baidu’s customer service for the promotion of their own accounts, and then wait for orders.

, in the 3 day after day waiting for that order not ah!!! But for spending a lot, to all kinds of speculation, Buck thought first occupied the commanding heights, finally comes to the conclusion that the malicious click too much……

4, hear "accidental" search engine optimization, found that this is available but not click on the cost-effective way that seems to seize the straw, start looking for a company or a "friend" to do search engine optimization for your site, a month later, did not see the effect; two months passed. Did not see the effect. Or, a month later, did not see the effect, the past two months, the keyword ranking is also good, but still few orders? If this is the first case, it is not to find someone to do the right thing; if it is second, it still did not find the right person to do what. Why do you say that?.

, the 5 and the fourth parallel, some business owners now began to develop its own recruitment network marketing personnel to the Internet channel, think of the cost is lower, or feel more controllable such. But there are many problems, for example, the most terrible is that the boss do not understand network promotion, the company did not know the network promotion, then the candidates to interview, we do not know how to interview… Accumulated all kinds of setbacks at the front by the boss according to their "experience", or is some aspect of a smattering of knowledge to the interview, the end result is, who do not know who in the end is what kind of situation. In this case, finding the right person is luck