recently released a movie "embarrassed" from Hong Kong, after the launch of the box office data, show the situation optimistic, despite the widespread audience score is not high, but it is still sought after by the audience, what is the reason? There is no doubt that it has a close relationship with the marketing, this is done where a qualified marketer.

From the "

" story of Hong Kong embarrassed itself, can be classified into several elements: love, dream and youth. The key points for which stage of the audience, is the pursuit of life on essential topics through these elements to seize the audience for these times writers share the emotion psychology, film portraying the ideal state of the audience’s heart, so in the movie did not broadcast before, let the audience with a full look on it. The prelude to a movie is like the packaging of the product, as long as the user needs to grasp the main points, then it is valuable, naturally can attract users.

in addition, "Hong Kong" embarrassed is so hot, because it is the marketing of the road is not only the plot atmosphere, more from the marketing effect which brings in a variety of different marketing channels.

first, the name of a movie is reminiscent of the same popular film in Thailand embarrassed, embarrassed way and so on, the audience are the laughter, and full of positive energy, so that the audience would subconsciously think this is a kind of film, the quality should not be bad to go up, publicity naturally a lot easier.

then is used in the most popular marketing tool, in order to expect the audience to the film detection, and obtain a good reputation effect, Hong Kong embarrassed trial community marketing, through the establishment of WeChat group to attract about movies and movie fans, on expectations make plans to improve the film, on the one hand, the heat. On the other hand, for the next shot ahead of the mass survey. In addition, the marketing also penetrated into the most active and the most concentrated consumer groups that the students, through the way of viewing the image of the campus marketing.

again, in the Internet era, not thinking of the Internet marketing will be backward, embarrassed this borrowed a Hong Kong Special Conference, the "Jobs" to "Xu booth", makes it sound is stylish, this was originally the Internet model product promotion mode, but also applicable to a movie marketing, greatly raised a notch.

finally, perhaps every marketer used the occasion to marketing, yes, Hong Kong is also embarrassed. But how often is the most distressing occasion as a marketer, once the occasion not, may be counterproductive. In accordance with the principles of the occasion, as much as possible through various attempts to look at the letter, Hong Kong Trailer embarrassed, you will find the hottest show in Hong Kong cannot do without embarrassed figure, such as the ultimate challenge, The Voice of China and so on, naturally, fans gathered.

in fact, the success of the marketing is constantly trying to get, because before the product launch, no one will be sure