now is really a public venture, the highly innovative era, that met CEO more and more, there is filled with the feeling of CEO. May be due to more and more entrepreneurs, so they met a lot of wonderful entrepreneurs.

1 free to resources do not think you are stingy

often encounter some entrepreneurs, to you to free resources, for example, your circle of friends, help me free forwarding our company articles directly give you a link; or your public number can free to help me send an article, a look that is soft, also let you free hair. Most of the time, I will be too lazy to deal with these people, but some people you do not return to him, he kept asking you, so I had to reply: sorry, I forwarded all charges. Some people look at the reply also said that the money, meaning it should be free. Also asked the price, feel expensive, that I am doing business, can help send ah. In short, many entrepreneurs to free resources.

in their eyes, your resources are free to pay you money, you are wrong, but think about what ah, in order to accumulate these resources, I spent a year or even several years, in the bus, on the subway, in all my pieces in my a person working to add friends, every time the maintenance from the media, 365 days a year, several years are not slack, regularly publish articles, finally saved so many of their own resources. One day, we just add a friend WeChat or had seen one side, or do you think I can help you, then your hand stretched, just want to take my free hard accumulation of resources, to do poineering work for you to pave the way, it’s fantastic.

2 lets you help with free

there are some entrepreneurs will encounter many difficulties in the business, so they will help some circle master, because often write some articles may be dry cargo, they are in the eyes of the master, since they think so I have no way. Often there will be some people are attracted by the entrepreneurs to help me, let me out of ideas, some ideas, teach them the way, usually I will promise the basic thought, can help some people or have not received the money, most entrepreneurs is very polite, but also encountered some airs.

remember that one time, an entrepreneur to help, just to meet the place, call me: I have arrived, you hurry out. Sound, feel the other is the boss, the other is God, you must worship is the past, because of the things not busy, busy for a while, the other had made several calls, urge you. My heart was very angry, you came to me so we ordered what you put on gas, ah, but for "circle master hat", out of courtesy or endure the past, meet each other and give you a sense of all the tall, "this place is so parking is difficult, not easy to find." so at that time to complain, "