How do financial

companies, this is the vast majority of young people beginning to ask the question, I have a good idea, a good idea, and even a good customer, a good partner, but is it enough? How to do the following, how to put these resources into money is the most difficult, behind a lot of way to go, a success to the success of not only because he is clever than others, he also has the spirit of continuous learning and whole-heartedly, I think this is the most important.

let’s talk about what we need to do in the early stages of financial management:

1, organization (clear division of labor):

, a start-up company first will have an entrepreneurial team, which established the organization, organization will have a division of labor, you need someone who is responsible for funding and financial management, the people do not have to be full-time, but there must be such a job. You will be very busy early start, so I do not suggest that entrepreneurs are and what it (of course, your ability is no problem), someone help out of ideas is necessary, such as monthly or weekly report of a capital plan, write a budget for the new project, to review the terms of the contract, looking for financing channels like.

some people will say we have no such group of professionals do, in fact I think the so-called professional is born, the financial foundation work is actually very simple, to the accumulation of fine or rely on long-term work, as long as you give him a chance, maybe to CFO after he was.

, 2 accounts:

is a person responsible for the account or please account on behalf of the company all inclusive? This is an important choice for many entrepreneurs in the early stage of face, in fact this is cost-effective. The initial stage of the human cost of staff is a very large expenditure items, can save the province, on behalf of the company is also a wise choice, but we have to understand what can be done for us, what we save the cost.

is the generation of services now account on behalf of the company to provide the foreign tax for you to provide information such as the annual examination, errands, still can save time; to provide financial statements, but the management of things is no matter, don’t tube. Basically what you provide the original documents, he will do what account, which means that financial regulation, internal control aspects (which is the main function of financial management) to start the company’s managers to complete their own.


is not looking for a full-time financial depends on the specific circumstances, generally find a certainly a little better, which is just business or enterprise scale, department or division of labor has a clear case. Choose the regular and the strength of the accounting company, once the accident, but also for enterprises to intercept risk; but also security, after all access to the core information. In addition, the enterprise project; flowers small price to hire a complete financial team, or pay big bucks to hire a financial personnel, which is more reliable is self-evident. Look, expert island is a good choice for