I sometimes pulled into some of these groups in the QQ group, so there is often some people discuss dress collocation, shopping in the QQ group, there was a chance of a Taobao commodity in the QQ group, sometimes in some period in just a few hours, the turnover of the five, sixty orders, sales tens of thousands of.

every time I seriously doubt this, these people are not the legend of the "child"

?Two days before

talking with an industry is serious contempt, do not know it, now since the media do not like to play QQ group do you write soft article (heart dark scold, you soft sister paper) can earn much money? They have to play QQ group can earn about one hundred thousand a month "


seems to make money on this matter, the code is really not necessarily comparable to chat drops……

inquired several times after I finally contacted a QQ group promotion Master "Yan", so I determined to put down as from the media figure, small Yan humbly to ask: how to play through QQ chat group achieve high profitability.

QQ group in January can earn 100 thousand?

now through the Ali Mama Taobao owners have a lot of money off, as large as 360, 51 rebate, scouring powder it, folded in 800, a small shopping guide has a lot to do, rebates webmaster.

there are a considerable number of people interested in Taobao, but there is no technology will not be built, which method is suitable for the lack of technology based on the method of promotion and little knowledge of it?.

we may feel that this is Taobao’s spike activity, in fact, this is Taobao customers in the QQ group to do promotion. In the dress of the group of friends to recommend the baby, to enhance their popularity index, while the man himself earned pots full bowl full.

little Yan Tao started from 2012 September, when he still did not graduate.

, according to him, before listening to a friend mentioned doing this thing can make money, and later in the other QQ group to see someone through the QQ group to promote Taobao goods, everyone’s response is good. So I feel that the way to promote the use of QQ group is more reliable, it is worth to do, since then officially entered the door of Taobao customers. He is currently working full-time, although the income is not bad, but the working time is relatively long, generally from 8:30 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening.

two years of accumulation, so that small Yan has 50 QQ group, the total number of about 5, about 60 thousand. Every day there are more than a dozen single transaction, which is the daily situation, in the event, there will be more singular. Last year, when the Mid Autumn Festival, he chose a liquor products in the QQ group to promote the sale of more than and 100 bottles a day, resulting in a total of 5, 60 orders. In addition, like the summer 9.9 bags of mail T-shirts, but also the transformation of high.

the small Yan also registered the company hired man Gang, we have a clear division of labor.