blog promotion, perhaps a lot of webmasters are very clear, how to use the blog to do promotion? Next, I’ll talk about how I do


blog promotion, old growth talk, but I hope my experience can help to everyone:

, and many webmaster, blog name and description as close as possible to the theme of the site. My blog name: the green clean energy network. My description is a green clean energy is a new energy leading video media. Designed to provide clean energy companies in China to provide three-dimensional resource services, China’s new energy industry is also the most favorite knowledge and business exchange platform. At the same time to Chinese development of energy saving and environmental protection and implementation of green energy contribute to provide users with the latest and most complete information reported in new energy and energy, Energy Exhibition – VIDEO highlights. So be sure to fit the theme of the site.

II, in the Baidu site on your site, to see what the article was included in Baidu, a high amount of browsing. As for why to choose is a collection of articles, and listen to the next time decomposition pick one time?, to update the blog (a new station can every day to write a blog), in the editor, will write the article in question, and then the middle, size slightly larger; the next write source source, write your name of the web site is down; the content of the original link address; description. Finished, an article on the general content. The article optimization, how to optimize? It is a keyword optimization, the words or phrases and all articles in the website keyword match (and can be a long tail keywords with two links). OK, an article is over, also succeeded. With new_energy (gerun can login: copied URL in the browser can open the


well, write so much, there will be a better experience will continue to share.