May 9th, the famous WeChat enthusiast Guan Peng published an hour long keynote speech at the 3W cafe, although Peng speech on the theme of "WeChat electric", but the actual topic extends to WeChat marketing aspects, in the whole course to tube Peng’s keynote speech, will display the absolute dry cargo as follows:

1 WeChat made any public number, the first operator should have a clear positioning. According to their own position to establish brand image, the target population. Millet, for example, millet WeChat positioning account is very clear: do fancier favorite mobile phone, mobile phone game player attention.

2 has a clear positioning, do not worry about the number of fans. Fans activity is far more important than the number of fans, 1000 active fans to be more effective than the 100000 fans do not communicate.

3 WeChat fans drainage is a skill. WeChat light anchored natural growth will be limited, to be good at marketing by celebrities, holiday theme etc.. The line is an important means of the most simple method is two-dimensional code overwhelming, but to encourage users to scan, you can use the prize, but it should be noted that the number of prizes is more important than the quality of most of the prizes, let users participate in.

4 to manage their own fans, to groups of fans, for example, according to the geographical division, Hefei is a group of Hebei, is a group, the southwest is a group, will push the information in different regions will be very useful.

5 is different from micro-blog, WeChat’s core value lies in the service. Do not try to use WeChat to do the spread, in the definition of Tencent, WeChat is not a media platform. Do WeChat electricity supplier is the same, the number of orders on the one hand, but the core value lies in the service, including sales, logistics, etc..

6 WeChat can not build a brand in the short term, WeChat is the promotion of brand value-added services, suitable for brand superposition. Micro-blog is to expand the user’s channel, WeChat is used to retain user channels. Marketing means should be based on micro-blog, industry solutions should be based on WeChat.

7 bold to do the development of the two. In the end there is no WeChat CRM management interface is not important, even if there is no barrier to your development two times, a few simple examples: Micro group purchase has been able to complete the book seats in WeChat, at the same time by calling the map, in the opening of the film in the cinema if you send information around, will automatically push; China Southern Airlines have been able to check by scanning the two-dimensional code; we can achieve complete payment in the WeChat browser.

8 as long as it does not hurt WeChat, do what it does not matter, but do not do the platform, which is the Tencent thing.

9 users should be good at mobilizing from Online to Offline, WeChat for O2O closed loop, the user through the two-dimensional code into WeChat, then paid by the two-dimensional code (future on-line) means back to the next line, the two-dimensional code is a link between online and offline, allow users to develop the 2D >