users are very familiar with the various types of QQ fraud has, for example a liar fraud through hacking practices, want to succeed has not too easy. But WeChat also as a tool for communication, users of it will be used by the crooks know little about, in fact the crime is increasingly a liar by WeChat, and also appeared to steal the micro signal scam.

reporter correspondent Gao Yuhua


case > > micro signal was stolen on the letter

friend said to borrow money

"someone stole my friend’s micro signal to deceive me to remit 10 thousand pieces, but also to find back?" recently, the Heze municipal public security organs received a public alarm.

days ago, Heze public Wang and business partner Liu through WeChat chat, Liu said funds zhouzhuanbukai recently, want to borrow 10 thousand yuan turnover from Wang somewhere, and to ensure that within two days of return. Since the two people do business for many years, but also lend money to each other many times, there is no doubt that the king immediately assigned to the other side of the account number. After the transfer is successful, Wang call that remind Liu to check the bank balance, Liu has several days not logged on to WeChat, but not to Wang borrowed money.

"this is the first case of Heze reported cases of fraud by stealing micro signal." Heze City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment police officer Ding said, now a lot of people through the mobile phone number to open WeChat account, the rapid spread of WeChat also made a lot of liar thought to be used the above, but the majority of Internet users in the use of WeChat on personal information security seriously enough.

Ding Jingguan, this kind of scam is scammers claiming that for some reason, the original store number lost, need to save, requiring the victim to send number, generally are not considered to be against the victim, friends or acquaintances, just the number issued in the past. After the fraud and put forward to join WeChat friends need to enter the verification code, and then asked the victim verification code sent in the past, such fraud can use the mobile phone number and verification code login the WeChat platform, not only can use the victim above Friends carry out fraud, the victim can even use WeChat Internet banking pay cash.

police remind > > WeChat fraud increasingly diverse

in recent years, WeChat as a new dating chat software, has become the tool of choice for many illegal fraud, the police combed out eight WeChat scam, to remind the public attention to prevention.

: a technique of hacking fraud

by stealing a friend WeChat account, posing as a friend to the party fraud.

gimmick two: two-dimensional code fraud

fraudsters commodity as bait, to give consumers rebates or cheap, two-dimensional code sent in a Trojan virus. Once installed, the Trojan will steal the application account, password and other personal information.