site to solve the problem is included in one of the main tasks of SEO, I watch the more than and 20 stations every day, including some of the little experience, and we share the following, especially for Baidu.

to let Baidu included 3 threshold to:

first threshold: website SITE from 0 to 1;

second threshold: SITE from 1 to more


third threshold: after a month, Baidu is not plucked or cleared.

passed the three threshold, later included the number of ups and downs, but from Baidu to flow will gradually rise.

first experience from 0 to 1, but also my own way:

experience 1: the establishment of the initial link.

1 new sites do, find a friend to exchange links 3~5, as long as 3~5 enough.

2 do not care about each other’s PR and relevance, as long as the other side is often updated, no cheating, included good.

experience two: the proper use of Baidu know:

I do a good job in addition to the exchange of new sites, but also to Baidu know to find the relevant questions to answer, and with links. Here are 7 empirical analysis:

Note that

1 should be answered in the "problem to be solved" so as to leave a link.

2 for the related questions to answer, let your answer seems to be valuable, not just to find a problem to link and scribble.

3 questions to be answered in the page, no other link: so you add this page only after a link, the spider wants to climb up and had to go to you this way.

4 to find a little more text pages: for example, has been done hundreds of words to answer, you add and bring a link, this page will increase the relevance of your links.

5 I only answer 2 questions at a time, leaving 1~2 links for each question. I’m afraid too many links in a few minutes, causing Baidu attention. Of course, this may be my worry.

6 if you can not find the right question, can register multiple Baidu account, ask the answer, the quality of the page will be higher.

7 to solve the problem page, Baidu are not included, you can easily find a few problems to be solved URL, Baidu search to try. When you answer the question is completed, track the contents of the page, once the page included, your page will soon. If you happened to Baidu index update, included will be surprisingly high efficiency. In the last Baidu update, an experimental station is only 2 days SITE directly from the 0 to 162, complete the station included.

to do the above 2 things, usually 3~5 days Baidu will be included in your >