original title: bypassing the balance of credit payments Ali bundled treasure push installment purchase

reporter slip fly Shanghai reported

recently, when consumers in some Tmall shop orders, you can choose Tmall installments payment. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively, this is Ali small loan with Tmall and 6· before 18 large electricity providers to promote a product line, and the bank credit card installment, is different from the previously rumored Ali credit payment.

it is understood that the "Tmall stage" is a "credit" concept, similar to the Jingdong before the launch of the Jingdong. Under a single purchase of consumer goods, you can choose installment; when the consumer to confirm receipt, Ali small loan will be paid a lump sum payment of goods businesses and consumers; subsequent installments will be paid directly to Ali small loan.

the anonymity of the Internet financial company said that the exploration of the major electricity supplier platform will not give up the Internet financial, Tmall staging mode to bypass the credit payment "minefield" is not directly to consumer credit, but through business credit way, consumer oriented, this also avoid the risk of a certain policy.

at the beginning of this year, Ali has been in Hunan, Zhejiang and other places to test credit payment, take the form of personal credit, to guide consumers to enter Tmall, Taobao consumption. It is understood that the project due to legal and regulatory aspects of risk considerations, eventually died.

Ali small loan to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed confirmed that the current purchase of electricity is to do the pilot test Tmall Electric City, the whole platform has not yet been determined to promote the time. At the same time, said the product is mainly based on the platform’s ability to help businesses develop a more personalized service, and for specific details, refused to disclose.

bundle balance treasure

at present, in the electronic business platform for shopping, payment forms mainly include credit card, the Jingdong has just launched Tmall and Ali ious installment purchase.

bank credit card installments and the line is no different from the bank to pay the full payment to the merchant, consumers installment repayment to the bank credit, and banks are not restricted It differs from man to man., consumer platform. Jingdong ious mode, consumers after the completion of the transaction, the Jingdong is not underwritten, but included in accounts receivable, to achieve liquidity by adjusting the Suppliers account, but the Jingdong for consumers to set a maximum credit limit of $15000, and the Jingdong limited consumption platform.

is different from the Jingdong, Tmall as a platform, the installment purchase need money to Ali small loans to businesses paid in full, then the consumer installment, consumption is also limited to the Tmall platform, the future may be extended to Taobao.

for consumers, Ali small loans through the platform data, also provide a credit line to consumers. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, Tmall stage purchase >