A netizen encounter "strange" — click into the Sichuan Yuechi county government official website in the forum broke the news, see was full of pornography and other undesirable information.

government official website is full of pornographic information

the netizen said he was in Sichuan, Guang’an, Yuechi, currently working in Wuhan. On the afternoon of February 1st, he wanted to use Baidu search home information, when entering the Yuechi, the drop-down bar appeared in the Yuechi public network. When the search results of "Yuechi public network" he clicks on Baidu’s first page, but pop-up pornographic websites.

The information provided by users according to the

reporter yesterday in the Baidu keyword type "Yuechi county public network" and "Yuechi County People’s government" search, search results appear in the first link is www.yuechi.gov.cn, click on the go has entered a called "Asian baby beauties" porn site with passion temptation, Star Portrait customers, etc. the main columns. The content of the website is also some vulgar information and not fit to be seen. Not only that, the site will also be automatically linked to the net color Daquan and the purchase of adult goods online website.


is showing a bad site, but the site is still ICP filing. The reporter then in the Ministry of industry and information technology ICP/IP address / domain name information for the record management system to query the yuechi.gov.cn domain name, is made by the people’s Government of the county of Yuechi on November 25, 2005 for registration, the person responsible for the Lu Guogang website.

server located in Beijing

The reporter then

queries to a Yuechi county public network profile: Yuechi county public network (www.scyc.gov.cnwww.yuechi.gov.cn) web site "Sichuan Yuechi", May 2005 formally to access internet network, open to public. Yuechi county public network is in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, the construction of the province’s government system is an important part of the three networks and one county and the county government access to the iconic site.

broke the users also revealed that when he suffered a "strange" call the local 826110 alarm telephone operator said did not know the web server address, if the server is not in Yuechi, the users can observe a period of time, and to the server where the police.

later, the reporter through a friend for many years engaged in network query to the domain name server address is "the Beijing nets IDC room", and the company currently displayed Eve server is located in the United states. His analysis may be the domain name of the Yuechi county government was stolen criminals, used to spread bad information.

Yuechi government network, otherwise its network

reporter then contact the person in charge of the site Lu Guogang, Lu Yuechi county network maintenance. He told reporters, www.yuechi.gov.cn is the Yuechi county government registration service providers to buy the use of domain name > civilink